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So how did we meet ........ ?

21st November 2013

First Meeting…. Pam’s story

I'm a few minutes late for a Thursday afternoon coffee date.  I push down hard on the accelerator racing to Corner Cafe, there’s an orange cone blocking the parking  area,  no reason that I can see - flash decision, I squeeze past the cone and park right outside the cafe.. I walk to the verandah where the only man in sight is drinking coffee.   You know you've just driven into a no park area? He greets me, blue eyes twinkle.  Well, that's exactly me, I don't go by the rules, they're guidelines, meant for interpretation,  I retort. 
He IS like his photo ... Brown grey flecked hair, neatly side combed, sky blue eyes and a smile from inside light his whole face up, casually cool in jeans and Aca Joe shirt, sleeves rolled up. A good looking man.
You know my late wife was also Pam and Cancerian. When is your birthday?
Our birthdays are a week apart, I breathe a small sigh of relief.  But the synchronicities continue.  We have two sons, similar ages, both elder sons called Ryan.  He has a Labrador, and a Mash, I have a Golden retriever, and a Max.  (Mash and Max are both maltese poodle pavement specials)
We Coffee talk for an hour, easy getting to know you talk. 
My mobile rings.. A guest is waiting at my gate to be let in..I'm sorry I have to go.  I enjoyed chatting, hope to see you again.  I REALLY would like to see him again, how does a 61 year old out of practice dater give a come on signal? It's an awkward moment, do we shake hands, a peck on the cheek? I dash for safety to my car.  A dull dissatisfactory parting, not sure if he will contact me again.....
This is positively my last date, and my last day on the internet site.

First Meeting ….. Rob’s Story

Early in November 2013, I was having coffee  with a friend.  Initially the discussion revolved around trading futures and then he told me how he had met his partner using an online dating site and suggested that I try it. I think he must have thought I needed serious help -  a few hours later he sent me a link to the dating site that he had used. That evening I spent about an hour online checking. I saw a few profiles of women that I thought I would like to date. After a few weeks of soul searching … not having dated for a long time….and nervous, I decided to give it a go. I thought…..take it slow……. so I signed up for a year. I initially posted a picture of myself, which resulted in an extraordinary number of “fans”, so I promptly removed my picture and made it private… rather let me do the hunting.
I had a few dates, but …. yes a but …. not any that I liked or was interested in dating further. I had met all the women whom I had originally seen on the site ….except for two…one I was going to meet on Sunday and the other one…. an elusive “inlandseacreature” was gone. (we had a 100% match!)  On a Wednesday evening I eventually found this mystery woman’s profile again and sent her a “like”. She responded saying that it was her last day on the dating site.  I quickly suggested we meet on Thursday for coffee at the Corner Café in Craighall Park.
Thursday came, and as usual, I was nervous. After going on a few “what is effectively a blind date” I was thinking all sorts of things. I arrived early at the Corner Café - they were closed for a special function, however, I managed to convince them to serve me and my “date” coffee. They had already closed the parking. So there I sat….early ….and waited….5 min…..10min…. I thought I would give her until the end of my coffee… I drank slowly…..eventually I saw this white Honda fly into the parking, ignoring all the barriers and almost knocking the car guard over and out stepped my “date” Pam. The next hour was great…we got on well….same interests…..also wanted to walk the Camino….a lot of synchronicity  …until she gets a phone call and says….”sorry have to go”…..stands up,  rushes off to her car with her scarf trailing behind her, and doing wheelies out of the parking. OK another wasted date….. she had pre-planned the phone call so she could escape….I finished my second cup of coffee and paid the bill.

Robs Story continues…

I sent Pam a text thanking her for meeting me. On the Friday Pam texted me and I realised I had maybe misread the whole rushing off thing. The texting continued for the whole weekend and we arranged to go on a proper date on the following Tuesday. Meanwhile I still had to meet a date I had set up on Sunday with someone else……Sunday came and it was great. Really liked her too and arranged a further date for the following Friday.
Tuesday came and still in the blind date mode….and it was better than great….in fact we got on so well and I really “liked” her. The next day, I cancelled the date I had set up on Friday with this other woman. Can’t seriously date 2 woman at the same time…..can one!!

This is when we started talking about doing the Camino together.

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