Monday, 6 April 2015

Another walk, my favourite, from Verrnazza to Corniglia, wonderful vistas everywhere

We leave Vernazza, described as the prettiest of the five hamlets.  Drunken-sailor buildings lean against each other, hanging on .....

In the dry stone wall a shrine of Mary.  I love the reminders of religion or rather for me, the mother, in the middle of the walk, she's everywhere in this beautiful place, bountiful and generous 

Isn't this a fabulous view of Vernazza- postcard perfect

It's an easy walk with much of the walk protected with good railing.

The trail is busier, the season has just begun.

And there is Corniglia - you can see that this hamlet is 100 Metres above sea level.

My heart belongs in Corniglia..

We are getting closer to the hamlet

We stop for a bite and a cold glass of wine at the prettiest bar.

I love their philosophy!

I start with the local Limonata, made from the lemons which grow everywhere, it's refreshing and delicious.


The prettiest, kitcheist shops...

Enchanting stairways

The flowers are a delight.

Gelato! Everyone eats Gelato, all day, everyday, people walk around the hamlets with cones or cups.

Why resist?

Driftwood is used as decorations everywhere in the streets.

We walk to a look out point and Rob has a fit when I take this photo... What if I drop my camera...?

The ferry boats have begun their trips betwee villages.  The tramontana wind has brought calm waters.

And this time we go down the 365 steps....

The crowds are too much for us.  We have been spoilt arriving "out of season". Everyone has come to the Cinque Terre over Easter...

Another drink and we head for home- Casa la Andrea.  It's been a fantastic base for us for 8 days.

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