Thursday, 9 April 2015

Our last day in Italy

Our last day in the Cinque Terre, so we walk up from Monterosso to Santuario Di Nostra Signora Di Saviore Monastry , famous for its round faced the top with splendid views once again.

On the way we pass lemon orchards - wish I could bring an Italian  lemon tree back with me.  From small they are laden with fruit.

View from the monastery

The church- truly beautiful, old frescoes on walls and ceilings, beautiful chandeliers 

The round faced Madonna

The frescoes are not repaired.  

We leave our Cinque Terre guesthouse, la Casa Andrea sadly - such vibrant colours

Good bye to Carola who has looked afte us so well

Train change over at Pisa, and we walk through the city to check out the tower...

Fascinating story- building started in 1172 and the tilt began from the 2 nd floor in 1178- and after that all the floors were built with one side taller than the other to compensate for the tilt, so actually the tower is curved! it took 199 years to build, completed in 1372. 

The tower has been leaning for 840 years.... A similar tower collapsed in 1989 so this is the reason between 1990 and 2001  has there been structural strengthening.  There is one tower in Germany that leans more than Pisa... But who knows about this...
Such exquisite marble facade and details, it takes ones breath away.

And we land home for 5 weeks... Just enough time to get ready for our next adventure.....
Lovely to have had people following and commenting- we feel blessed and filled with gratitude for this time to explore beautiful places and spaces.   May we lift a few hearts and inspire others to follow what matters.

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