Sunday, 5 April 2015

Market day, relaxation and walk to the local cemetery

Enjoying a glass of wine with snacks at Enteca Eliseo, the best wine bar in Monterosso.  Eliseo and his Brazilean wife Mary love opera, (and wine) so there is an operatic ambience as you sip and snack.  Eliseo seems to be open 18 hours a day.  By the way, this is early evening.

It's Market morning- each village has its own day.  Vans roll in spilling out flowers, spicey cold meats, vegetables, olive wood carved ware..and the inevitable Chinese stuff.

The little delivery trucks used with their own style of branding.

Waiting for coffee in the local square.

The square is where the locals get together.  And the oldies sit on benches and run commentaries on passers by!

We go for a walk to the local cemetery, passing a blossom tree which is beautiful against the sky blue and the Italian flag.

Steps up to the Capuchin monastery, where only one monk remains...

The view through the arch way ..

The view from the monastery.  The sea is not calm - yet.

Inside the Capuchin church, dedicated to St Francis of Assissi.

I love the alter too.

We climb up,higher to the cemetery.  Napoleon declared that cemeteries were unhealthy, so all cemeteries were built away from the towns, ... Fitting that those passed have the best views?  The grave are all marble - the same Carrarra marble that Michelangelo used for his creations.!

A charming courtyard view on the way down.  I love the hammock.

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