Monday, 30 March 2015

Our storytellers go to il Vulcano del Monte Busca, the smallest volcano in Italy

Our storytelling group ready to visit the volcano Monte Busca which burns even in the snow and the rain.  This photo is taken at the entrance to the Al Vecchio Convento, our hotel..they have fed us three meals a day- home made pasta twice a day, with delicious home made tarts for tea - we never stop eating...

This is the fire emitted from the volcano,  methane gas  escapes from a hole of about a metre in diameter and the flame burns perpetually in rain and even snow.  It was used during the war to cook on by troops , and for warmth.

We have had a storytelling adventure around the fire, in the middle of a field of alfalfa in the hills of Forli about 5 kilometers from Portico.  It is freezing, and some of us wrapped blankets around our wastes in African style.  The three South Africans!

Some of the storytellers around the flame..

The view from the volcano, SPECTACULAR! But freezing! 

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