Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Storytellers of the Portico Di Romagna

The storytellers of Portico Di Romagna 

Roi Gal-Or from the International School of Storytelling in Forrest Row, Emmerson College- our mentor and storytelling guide

Giovanna Conforto, who worked with Roi to bring the storytelling workshop to Portico Di Romagna, our Italian storytelling teacher, and who translated our stories with verve and passion into Italian so that the local villagers could understand us.

Marisa Cameli, together with husband Jianni and her sons Masimilliano and Matteo and their families, own  the Hotel Al Vecchio Convento, Marissa worked tirelessly from morning to evening, the smile on her face shone from inside.. And could she party!

Matteo , son of Jainni and Marissa, the most famous truffle hunter in the area, who met us in Forli and drove us to the water falls, to the volcano and truffle hunting.  Matteo is married to Ulla, who so competently and kindly assists at the Hotel Al Vecchio.

Masimilliano the other son of Jianni and Marissa, who made the most delicious food for us three times a day.  And after a full day in the kitchen, became a musician at night.... His mothers son...it is his vision to hold the storytelling regularly...

June, the oldest storyteller on the workshop, 77 turning 78 in December- truly inspiring and living the adage, It's never too old.....

Roi, June and Susan 

Lenore Zietsman, will we ever forget the story of Mrs Prinsloo and Mrs Waggenaar?

Lenore Zietsman shoring herself up against the cold winds in the hillside.

Ingor Keil and Leila - Leila was desperate to join in the truffle hunting, but could not.  Her beauty and playfulness was a distraction until Matteo found the truffles.

Sheila Hirst and Maggie B

Sheila Hirst , muchwarmer! 

Susan Burrell, whose Scottish brogue rendition of The Owl and the Pussycat, will never be forgotten 

Mauro, Giovanna's cousin, persuaded by Giovanna to tell his own stories now.

Kirsten Bracko and Ingor Keil

Kirsten Bracko

Olga, Russian wife of Tim Leeney.

Tim Leeney....

Maggie B and her love, Matt, at the party on Friday night.

Susan and June before the storytelling party...

Sara Lucas, budding author... From Oz

And Sara at the volcano 

Susan Howell, " nicknamed Susan B. 

Susan again..

Pam Klette

Pam Klette and Rob Horsfield, Rob told  his first public story and loved it..

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