Monday, 30 March 2015

Storytelling evening for the local Italians in Portico Di Romagna

Giovanna had a dream to bring storytelling to Italy, and has planned this workshop a year and a half ago. She met Roi from the school of storytelling in Forrest Row , Sussex, and Masimilliano from the hotel Convento Al Vecchio, and the dream was launched.  The workshop culminates in our group telling stories to the local villagers tonight, Friday.  The villagers will open their shops, the  two bars, and we will tell stories around the village tonight.  Rob and I are looking for a place to tell the story of how we met on an Internet dating site.  

This is the invitation that was sent out to the villagers...

The evening begins at the bar, with drinks and music and food....the storytellers are apprehensive, we don't know how we will be received.  

Susan and June from UK discuss their stories...Will anyone come and listen to Us?  The villagers don't know why we are telling stories...

The musicians play, Masimilliano from the hotel, is one of the musicians.  Marissa his mother is wearing the white jacket.  He takes after her.  The two of them never tire...the villagers are curious, and of course are always ready for a party.

The first story in the arches of Loggia Piano, June is a natural storyteller, and with Giovanna translating, the villagers seem to enjoy the story.

The second story- we walk to the bridge and the shrine to Mary behind them.  Tim and Mauro tell in Italian, and Giovanna translates Maggi's part... The stars shine above them and although the evening is cold, it is clear... It's a magical setting.

Rob and I have chosen the entrance to a courtyard to tell our story..We share the telling of the story, a his and a hers, Giovanna translating.  It's Robs first public story, he's nervous, but the crowd enjoy both sides of the story,  and laugh along..

They chant at the end of the story, Kiss, Kiss.... So we do....and they clap even harder...

Lenore and Sheila tell their folktale which is also enjoyed thoroughly.  The crowd are loving the stories...

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