Sunday, 22 March 2015

Our trip to Italy, March 2015

Thrilled to be in Florence, my favourite city.  And now Robs too! The golds and greens are everywhere in this vibrant city. Feel so blessed to be back, and especially exploring it together with Rob.

Beautiful sunny day.  Our first day in Italy.

On our second day we took a bus ride around the city - yesterday, weather much crisper.  Magnificent views over Florence and the Arno river.

The view from our bedroom  window  la Casa del Garbo- fantastic location on Piazza Signoria.    Fun to people watch.  It's a few minutes walk to the Ponte Vecchio, the Duomo and Close to all the shops and other sights.

Gelato shops everywhere!  We can't resist.

6 euros for this sized cone, I've never paid so much for one ice cream in my life, nearly R80!

Lunches are delicious open sandwiches, artichoke, olive, mozzarella, grilled vegetables...or pizza!

The Ponte Vecchio as we walk home after listening to La Traviata in Santo Spirito church.   

Magnificent opera in the church, Robs first opera and he enjoys it.  The voices wash me inside as the melodies reverberate in the small church.  It's a version of Pretty Woman, but different ending as Violetta dies.  It's the same opera that Julie Roberts goes to in the movie

The green, white and pink marble facade of The Duomo

We go to mass in the Cathedral this morning.  Both Rob and I are moved by the service.  The priests, all male, chant and the invisible female chorus responds. Magnificent frescoes on the dome, as you look up.  

We went for an inner city walk guided by an app that Rob downloaded to discover a few of the hidden treasures one can so easily walk past.

I love the frescoes, pietas and paintings of the Madonna and child.  I can relate easier to her than the male dominated art

The colours of Italy are everywhere, even in the pasta.

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