Saturday, 28 March 2015

Truffle hunting for the storytellers

Our storytelling group of 14 plus Roi and Giovanna get driven by Matteo to where Matteo knows is truffle land.  He has two special truffle dogs, and together with his dogs is famous for finding truffles.
The oldest member in our group is 77- she is walking ahead with a pink scarf.  June is inspiring, she struggles with some of the walking, so we lend her our sticks.  She's  a great storyteller!

Matteo with his white truffle dog worth R50,000.00- a little like a labradoodle, Claire...he's got his truffle spade on his back - Rossario is in the background with the brown dog.

Brown dog is smelling truffle, Matteo scrapes away some of the leaves ..

Yip, it's a truffle, it's called white gold, as it's white truffle season.  That night we have truffle very thinly sliced on our home made pasta.  It has a delicate but distinctive flavor.

This is what a truffle looks like in the ground, like a little turd.

We walk further, the spring flowers are just beginning to pop out...Olga is on the left, and is Russian.

After lunch we walk to an old mill, the hillsides are atill brown from winter, can you imagine how green they must be quite soon?

The view along the way ...

The view as we walk to the old mill

Beautiful clean water..

We get to the mill, and are to find something from nature which calls us and write about it in groups of 3. The first person sets the scene.  Th second addresses the object as you (eg. You, old tree, who has stood for many many years witnessing...) and the third person becomes the object..

My dear South African friend , Lenore. Notice her handbag/satchel made by her daughter.  

We have had our photo taken and I gets published in the Italian newspaper to invite people to hear our stories on Saturday night... Italians don't know what storytellers are, so there is curiosity what these people will do...

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