Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Eighth day walking in The Cotswolds from Little Sodbury (a mistake) to Cold Ashton about 18 km

A selfie taken against one metre of the hundreds of thousands of metres of stonewalling...

Our bnb is in Chipping Sodbury, but we need to start walking from Little Sodbury... Because of blisters, aches in body parts that are surprised by the exercise ( this walk is harder than we expected) my knee ligament and Robs stress fracture, we decide to cut out a couple of kms by starting in Old Sodbury.  The taxi driver drops us at the start of the walk and off we go....its a good early start around 8 a.m.

Through a long field

And on and on...

Rob begins to feel uneasy... We are walking through an old fort, not marked on our map..

We get to a road and it says Little Sodbury- ....$@& it- we've walked the wrong way back along the route we wanted to cut out.  Now we walk it twice!    With a " little" curse or two, we walk back and on to Old Sodbury... One of the highlights is this glorious and unexpected Dodington Park

Shining fields of soft wheat or barley? Not sure which..?

Golden fields of Rapeseed, which look as though the sun is shining on them...the yellow glows - picture of the day?

It's hot!  How lucky are we with the weather! Amazing views.

I love the country lanes which we walk along sometimes before we get back into the countryside.

The Cotswold Way is well marked with these posts..

Good resting seat!

As we walk into Dyrham woods, there is a message box, open the box, and there is a book which people write in... Fun to read the comments...

The Dutch 70 year olds have written in it above ours...Canada, Suffolk, Dutch, South Africa on one page..

The church at Cold Ashton...and then walking to the bnb ...

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