Sunday, 14 June 2015

Seventh day walking in The Cotswolds from Wooten on Edge to Little Sodbury about 18 km

It's a day of poppies.. Fields of them..I always know I'm in England or Europe when I see poppies.sunshine predicted all day, but pretty soon the clouds build up..

Pizzas last night with two young Canadians, and two seventy something Dutch men... Both walk faster than Rob and I.  All walking to Bath.

We walk out of the pretty town of Wooten on Edge along a stream running through the village..

And pass the Anglican Church of St Mary's.  Beautiful old stonework.

And up the road which leads to...


And more poppies...

Along the way, rich mossy spring gushing out of rocky outcrop..

Along farm roads...wonderful views

The horses pose for us...

Through a magically lit path.. Strange light makes my eyes go funny... Felt I had to rub my eyes to see clearly...such dense greenery.

Along more road... Clouds building up...

Just before lunch the Dutch men catch us up in spite of us having an hour start on them!  They overtake us.

Past the monument. Erected in memory of Lord Robert Somerset . Fields of barley ....

And have Roast lunch (it's Sunday roast day and villagers. One from all over to have lunch too) at a delightful Inn along the way.

Where other cute creatures also want lunch, preferably mine... I've never seen such a huge head on a poodle , actually any dog..

Heading out after lunch with the two Canadians who caught us up just before we had lunch.  The boys Checking we're on the right road..

Different kind of Police Patrol.. Magnificent horse..

Wild Shasta daisies..

Passing the iconic landmark of The Cotswolds - a folly dedicated for swallows and barn owls..

So many different colours of green..

We get to Little Sodbury where we will be picked up and taken to our Bnb - 
Rinsing my mud-filled soles with attitude in a puddle while waiting.

We arrive in Sodbury Chipping for the night, a big old market town....

We have dinner in a Mexican restaurant, the best meal so far...view out of window to Chipping Sodbury main street - Chipping means "market"  (Getting a bit tired of fish and chips...)

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