Saturday, 13 June 2015

Fifth day in The Cotswolds, Coopers Hill and the most dangerous sport in the World!

Live for today!  We certainly are!  A wonderful day walking through many woods, mostly beech.

Part of 4000 miles of walling in The Cotswolds... I love the moss... Busy reading The Signature of all things... Makes one look at moss differently

Coopers Hill where the most dangerous sport in the world takes place annually end of May- ( we walk up a path to the right through the woods- still steep, but not quite as sheer as this hill!...

Picture a giant  Double Gloucester cheese ball tossed down the almost sheer hill and contestants chasing after it with no other reason than to catch the cheese - and gain the glory! The cheese can get up to a speed of about 100 km per hour.  Watch this short clip to see the most dangerous sport in the world .....hugely risky!  Mad dogs and Englishmen...

More woods... 

We walk into the town of Painswick, and book into The Falcon Inn- Painswick is a town, the stone used in the buildings is whiter, not as golden.  

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