Thursday, 11 June 2015

Fourth day in The Cotswolds walking to Birdlip

The start of the day with stretches...before we hit the uphills!  Feel so priveleged to walk in such beautiful forests and farmlands...

Rob thinks this was the photo of the day...the yellow against the Cotswold post showing us the direction to walk in..with the wood we are about to walk through behind..

Or this one also by camera doesn't take good close ups.  The iPhone camera is great.

This is the photo I took which I think is the photo of the day... For me it captures the wild flowers, the open fields,  magnificent views, ok a bird and no bird song, but birdsong accompanies us daily... and Freedom!

Whew! A hill and a half up .. Spectacular views.  Enjoying the different shades of green..

Nearly at the top..

And around the corner where the trail crossed the road is a diner with a difference... A converted bus. 

The owner has converted the inside of the bus with tables and seats..and a little kitchen.  Toasted samis taste wonderful!

The view along the escarpment over a quarry..

In the distance the Black Mountains of Wales

How lucky are we with the weather, wonderful sunny day mostly, sometimes cloudy, with a nip in the air.. The weather changes all day...

From the other side looking back at the cliff face we have walked along.

More woods..

The woods seem to welcome us.. And maybe there are others accompanying us?

Walking up to the Royal George in Birdlip, our stay for the night, after 18 km walk.  Relieved to be here.  I have blisters and aching feet and Rob is walking well in the new Keen sandals he bought in Vancouver, rather than his boots.  Moon boot is strapped onto the back of his rucksack in case... But so far, cross fingers, his stress fracture is not playing up.

Looking forward to a long ale and rest!  Although we are getting plenty of exercise, the beeer and pub food don't keep the kilojoules off!  And we thought we would loose weight!

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