Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Last day walking in The Cotswolds from Cold Ashton to Bath the final 16 km of 160 km

Bath Abbey, the end of our walk ( or the start for those doing the walk up to Chipping Camden). We made it!  A walk much harder than we expected!  But so worth it!

Along the way we meet more cows... I try my cow song again..

Black cow is curious and walks to the fence..

A couple of cows and the bull (he's got the white stripe down his face) get up and push black cow away

I can touch him...

White face sniffs me- her way of getting information about the strange two legged?

The stiles along the way, some old stone, some wood, some steel...

Enjoying the last views before we spot Bath..

Memorial to the battle of Landsdown.

Our first views of Bath, 155 km of walking.. 

Last hill before Bath...savoring every colour of green..before "city life". Strange after spending so much time and space in the country...

Walking through the park in Bath to The Abbey, final destination of the walk.

At last, the cathedral, and at the cathedral a brass wheel of all the towns we have passed through..
It's quite emotional, and feeling filled with gratitude for the journey.

We go to our hotel, what luxury!  Then we spend a week with Robs family outside Bath, and can unpack!

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