Thursday, 29 May 2014

Day 10 29 May from Viana to Navarette 21.5 km

No wonder Spaniards eat so much bread... Delicious bakeries as we walk out of the city

Charming setting as we walk past 

Leaving Viana are some small farms growing vegetables

On the road again...yay! Sunshine but still cool- around 10 degrees

We are so pleased with sunshine, Ursula suggests Rob dries his socks by swinging them around to dry them- they are so thick they don't dry easily.. And it's difficult to dry washing in the rain!  at the albergues so many using the one tumble dryer that we often miss out...

Breathtaking rolling hills always - and wild flowers...

Sheep in our way? Or are we in their way?

Not all of the way is pretty ...especially entering into the towns... We are now crossing from Navarre province into the wine growing La Rioja province

More graffiti in a tunnel. Makes you think doesn't it?

Walking into the outskirts of Logrono are colorful cafe bars 

And we pass a field of allotment plots-  behind us.. These girls were delighted to have their photo taken - I thought they were charming- dressed so colour fully 

Fields of wild flowers continue to delight

The bridge we walk over into Logrono- the largest city so far with 130,000 inhabitants.. Quite a shock to be in the busyness of the city after so much quiet, often only accompanied by birdsong and the crunch of stones underneath boots..

Logrono - mix of medieval and modern - OMG! A Chinese bazaar in Spain?

Leaving Logrono, beautiful pathways for walkers and cyclists 

Amazing graffiti in another tunnel... The walking stages clearly marked. We are at stage 17. 

Even the ducks siesta at the local dam outside Logrono..

Archie having a siesta as he catches a free ride...

The way is always closely marked...

We pass a sawmill and pilgrims have used some of the strips of bark to make hundreds of crosses 
In the wire fence ...

Walking into Navarette is the local winery promoting ...???

Pam finished by 4p.m! Not sure how to walk the last 2 kms....bunions aching...

We made it to an Auberge which has a private room with sheets and towels! What luxury!
Usually it's a sleeping bag, camping towel and bunk bed...!!!

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