Friday, 23 May 2014

Day 4, 23 May Zubiri to Pamplona 22.8 km

A relatively easy walk, just a few ups and downs,!!( compared to going over the Pyrenees) but still tough on the body!   Muscles and feet ache by the end of the day, in spite of inflammatories....

Lots of the walk today next to the river, rain on and off. Cocooned in my poncho. Cap is great, as the hood of the poncho covers this but keeps rain off my face, and can see ... Boots doing well, waterproofing good. 

Pretty pretty scenery!

Medieval bridge  into little village whe we have breakfast ...

 It's another world on the Camino... A garden in one village shows a pilgrim with the shell, symbol of The Camino

Cute rabbit in a garden...

Ducks trying to shake off the rain....

The Way is always clearly marked either by yellow arrows or the blue shell.  Often with stone cairns

Trout is one of the specialties in the area- came across a few fishermen, who were elated when they caught a trout..

In the church of St Stephen, a nun outside the church beckoned for us to come in.  This amazing tableau ...

We climbed up to the bell tower where I rang the bell dated 1377! A highlight of the day!

The gateway into the old city of Pamplona - note the drawbridge!

Pamplona square- it's about 7 pm , 15 degrees, but the sun is shining (yay!) and everybody is out walking, with their dogs or kids. 

tapas, or rather in this area, pinchos, small tasty dishes.

End of the day, Archie and Pam both exhausted!  Cubicle bed in The Auberge in Pamplona . 

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