Friday, 23 May 2014

Day 3, 22 May wonderful walks along forrested paths

We start off in freezing weather both wearing our down jackets rob in beanie and me with gloves- soo glad I brought them.. Much of the day walking through beech forrests.

water crossing over slippery rocks- quite a balancing feat...

Pastoral farmland scenes along the way... Even the horses have bells so they can be found in the mist
It's definitely Spring here, ponies...

Wild flowers abound- Yellow wild broom, bluebells, lace flowers, May...

Such a privilege to walk through these woodlands... 

We walk through a few villages on the way, check the water running through the streets in ducts

This village also had a spring for peregrinos to quench their thirst - such clean fresh tasting cool water

Aching feet ... A 15 minute lunch break..

Rain again ...

Medieval bridge into Zubira where we find a Pension to sleep in- yay! Our own room and fluffy towels!

Taken earlier in the morning... When leaving Roncevalles 

Peregrinos have to have a sense of humour!

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