Sunday, 25 May 2014

Day 6, 25 May from Zariquiegui to Puenta la Reina

IWe were given this at the church of St Stephen and would have bypassed this church if a nun hadn't invited us in. Aren't we all pilgrims?

Rob fills the water bottles before we set out and it begins to drizzle.

We walk through fields of wheat with poppies shining through.. 
This boy Is wearing sandals and wonders why he has Achilles heel problems!  His mother said she had trained for the Camino but hadn't bought any rain gear! She had to catch the taxi needs to be prepared in all ways...

Looking back ...

I'm glad of every item of clothing....buff, merino wool jacket  and shirts, 2 pairs trousers, cap for sun and to be able to see when I put the poncho on, socks!  And especially BOOTs!

 I trynto avoid the mud but walk straight into it!   Rob too!   Our boots look genuine pilgrim boots now!

Highlight of the day - we reach the Alto del Perdon, wrought iron flat cuts of medieval pilgrims heads bent to the wind .... 790 m altitude ...with fantastic views obscured by the rising mist.  Overhead wind turbines hum.... Cannot believe their size ...

Signs to Uterga - in relation to the size of the turbines which line the hills of Spain

More Stoney road... The Camino is called the way of stars and stones.. I understand why...

The stones remind one of moments of gratitude- and I add stones to the cairns along the way in thanks for family, friends and special moments

Breakfast - tortillas, ( thick omelette with potato and onion) cafe con leche - Archie is starving, in fact he is always hungry!

On the road again... Wheatfields with wild flowers all along the way

The smell of wild honey suckle ...

I persuade Rob to chew on wild fennel! Just delicious !

So many poppies today, my heart is filled with them...

The church of Eunate- linked with the Knights Templar dating back to 12C
The Knights tried to unify the religions by building churches whose architecture incorporated aspects from each religion- Christian, Muslim and Jewish

Walking into Puenta la Reina ....

Over the famous bridge ( not favorable photography weather! )

Pilgrims dinner and attention to feet before climbing into our bunk beds!

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