Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Day 9 28 May from Los Arcos to Viana 19 km

Not much rain predicted!  Haha! Most of the day our ponchos are on and it rains!

So many inspiring moments where we stop and stare!

Yay! Breakfast is in sight!

We loved this women's rucksack details...her shell has beads, there is a woven purse on the right and look at the tassel detail on the left...

We get very excited to see any BAR info...especially near mealtimes...( one gets coffee, sandwiches  
Cool drinks or alcohol at a bar)

Rob buys breakfast- half a baguette each, chorizo sausage and cheese , coffee and hot chocolate...

Walking further up the village is this display outside a home on the way... Pilgrims buy fruit to eat on the way...

It's around noon and Rob says we are walking into serious rain!  I don't want to believe him! 
We arrive in Viana soaked, shoes ,socks and the heat from walking generates sweat inside the poncho 

Viana - ancient medieval village with around 3,500 inhabitants- not much has changed since then...

We book into a Pension and both Rob and Pam need a little something from the Robs pharmacist supplies!

Nothing opens before 5pm and we gaze longingly into this window...Spanish  people seem to eat around 9 pm- we are asleep by then! The fresh cherries are delicious, bananas n apples too

Cute dog at the bar we had dinner at belonging to the barmaid... Most dogs are tied up during the day - it's hard to see.  

We had supper with this couple- his name is Peaceful and last name Warrior!- he did the Camino 5 years ago and it changed his life . He changed his name officially on all documents! I called him PW - 
He says a lot of people call him this! Nice couple - he's also meeting a girl he met on the Camino 5 years ago in Santiago - they haven't communicated but had agreed to meet in 5 years.... I'm curious to know if she will be there...

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