Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Day8 27 May from Estella to Los Arcos 21.5 km

We were walking for about 20 minutes and on the way out of Estella when we saw.....
Free wine fountain - Rob very excited! He's been looking forward to this for ages!
Many peregrinos find this an uplifting experience at 8a.m today- smiles all round

Fuente del vino- fountain of wine - we're in wine country, and bought a bottle of vino tinto last night for 2Euros- it's normally that a glass!

How to confuse peregrinos- give them two roads to choose from- Rob discussing with Dutch peregrinos which road to take.

Walked along paths with wonderful indigenous bush...

Wild cherries- delicious!  

And then Along quiet roads through fields and fields of golden wheat- spectacular views!

Wonderful sun today! 9 degrees to start with then around 20..Rob stripping and complaining that the chocolate croissants and baguettes are increasing certain areas in his body.

Most peregrinos take shoes and socks off every 2 or so hours...many feet taking strain now...
After about 130 km of walking.

3 km ago a sign says bar... There is nothing around and no village for miles... We round a corner and there is an entrepreneur who has set up a van with great tasty options, including coffee, fresh orange juice, baguettes chips fruit...

Most peregrinos stop for snacks... And we take about an hour, socks off, soaking in the sun.

2 beers in the village square around 3 pm- we did well today arriving in Los Arcos around 2, showering, feet up for a bIt then heading for inspiration and reward!

Other peregrinos doing the same....

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