Saturday, 24 May 2014

Day 5, 24 May from Pamplona on the way to Puenta la Reina

Aching feet,(and body) so head for Pharmacia to buy Compeed plasters.   Muttering from Archie sympathizing with Pam.  Rob had planned on a rest day in Pamplona- NO walking! But pam suggests a GENTLE walk.
We head out and Rob suggests 17 km to Uterrga- we buy Baguettes chocolate and cheese in Pamplona on the way out ...
Mutiny from Pam and Archie after 10 km! So we stop at Zariguiegui and spend the afternoon catching up with washing, Vaseline on the feet, checking who is messaging us, and drinking vino tinto. 

We walk through different scenes today... Starting off with urban Pamplona, and then fields of 

 One of the best pieces of advice  ( from Wilna  Wilkinson who walked The Camino in Winter)
was to look back often. Looking back is Pamplona ...

Fields of wheat with ancient Romanesque church behind...

Outside our Auberge, and then we go the church which is astonishing 

One can't help but feel presence in these ancient revered spaces...

We walk out of the church and it's raining. But the view is amazing!

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