Sunday, 8 June 2014

7 -8 June Last day in Hondarribia and train trip to Leon

7 June

It is said that you do not walk The Camino, the Camino walks you... Rob has chosen to ride with me rather than I ride and he walks... It's been an amazing journey for each of us and together.   I so long to feel my steps on the earth under my feet, so a part of me is incredibly disappointed that a "small" injury can stop me in my tracks. But it's been such a gift to spend time with Ian and Trish and to have time and fun together.  (Of course including Grace and Rufus)

Archie telling Grace and Rufus he had a really nice time and he's sad to go but hopes he will meet them again.
Grace and Rufus giving Archie goodbye kisses...

Our last coffee together in Hondarribia... 

8 June

We get up early as our train is leaving at 09:00. It is 5 hour trip and we are keen to get going again, even if it us only by bicicleta and although both of us feel like we are going to miss the walking and the feel of the earth beneath our feet, it does not dampen our enthusiasm.  Checking in at the station is similar to an airport check in and eventually we get let onto the platform where there are a lot of people milling around. A train pulls in and everyone starts to board, but I notice that none of those that had gone through the checking in process were boarding so I look for an official who tells me that we will be catching the next train. Turning around .... Just in time to pull Pam out of the train. In her eagerness to get going she was in the process of boarding. I wonder what would have happened if I had taken a few seconds longer before turning around. Pam off to see another bit if Spain :)

Huh! That's his story - I was desperately trying to hold the doors open so we could both board...I was eager not to miss the train!  Tricky not speaking the language...

Today we travel through the notorious Meseta- long flat Roman roads with little or no shade- 
This train is not the high speed one that we travelled from Barcelona to Pamplona on(240 km/h) - it's much much better than home trains but no frills except for small screens where you can watch an overhead movie through earphones.  A few other pilgrims obviously deciding to miss the Meseta..

Archie settling in well despite missing his doggie friends...

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