Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Day 35 24 June from Portos to Castenada Casa Milia about 28 km

The map in the Paso del Formigas Casa, pilgrims writing their names next to where they have come from...amazing that people from all over are attracted to this pilgrimage more and more..

It's a crisp misty morning when we set off...Rob riding off into the mist in his bright turquoise wind jacket..

We've already done 5 kms..countdown now.. 66 km to Santiago..

We ride along Lovely woodland paths with the peregrinos..

We ride through old stone villages, each has a cross at the beginning of the village..

The path crosses the main roads often..

After 8 km we stop for breakfast...

A lovely ride through eucalyptus and oak Forrests - strong smells of eucalyptus ...this road easy to ride on..

Bob and Joanne from Canada- bob broke his ankle 4 days before leaving, but high doses of pain killers keep him on the road, with copious amounts of wine at day end.. Me struggling up behind them.. It's not easy going uphill on the bikes, remember we have around 10 kg i
Behind us..

Old oak Forrest..

Delightful Albergue and bar but too close to our starting point to stop...st Xuilian ( st Julian)

Over the bridge to Paleis de Rei..

Another little village - I love the colors of  the doors and there is the yellow arrow..

This road steeper and steeper downhill wa s a difficult ride...lots of pressure on the wrists as we ride with back and front brakes on, concentrating fiercely to stay on...

Over this medieval bridge into Furelos

Beautiful gothic facade of Romanesque  Church of San Pedro..

14 C cross with two faces of Jesus, reputed to be the oldest in Galicia

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