Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Day 29 18 June from Herreireias to O'Cebreirio about 10 km straight up!

It took us 4 hours to ride/push 10 km up this mountain, but the views were spectacular..

Someone -(we cross into Galicia at the top) - I'm sure a Galician, has a good sense of humour!

We take the cycle road up and up and up!! 10 km all uphill... 7 percent gradient.. 700 metre climb in 10 km..blooming hard work..

Very Good! Huh! Hot as hell even with the brisk morning air...

Oops... We're just outside a farming hamlet... And the farmer is loading his hay so bicicletes wait..

Looking back...

Some peregrinos take the trip up on horseback .. ( horses we saw yesterday)

Little by little! Good advice!

Breathe! Very good heart is beating so hard I think my chest will explode..

You are awesome! the distance a cuckoo bird calls..!

Almost! Woodland of pine and chestnut... And views forever ..

Archie insists we stop for a banana snack and celebrate as we cross into Galicia and admire the view of the mountains on the other side now...

A great feeling to be on top of the world...

Yay! We're at the top riding into O'Cebreirio..

It's one of the oldest villages on the Camino, delightful stone buildings..many peregrinos have arrived and get stuck into the beers..

The cross outside the church...

Beautiful simple church which goes back to the 9C..

Baptismal the nave.. Baptism was by immersion then..! It's big enough to bath in..

Bibles in the every language.  So much tolerance and recognition for all pilgrims knowing tht each of us is looking for something more..

St Frances of Assissi visited this town - 

Elias Valina Sampedro was the local priest in the 1970's and helped to revive the Camino by waymarking the whole route with  the yellow arrows ... He used to scrounge paint off the road maintenance department!!  So he's highly respected in this viIllage and by those pilgrims who know..

Our lunch ..... A Galician specialty called Pulpo Galego ... Boiled octopus with paprika and olive oil

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