Saturday, 7 June 2014

Family Time

We go for a drive from Hondarribia with Ian (Robs brother) and Trish - the view from a vantage point near Guadelupe  church overlooks Spain and France.  Mary is known as Our Lady of Guadalupe meaning virgin mother.
The Spanish believe that God chose Mary to lead us to Jesus, so they owe their faith in Jesus to her - in 1531 many miracles began to happen- the first was "a lady from Heaven" appearing to a simple Native American man, telling him she was the virgin Holy Mary.  She asked for a church to be built and when the Bishop asked for a sign an assortment of roses appeared.  Then she left her image on a cloth - which shows no decay after nearly 500 years.. Defying scientific this day.
Many interventions and deadly illnesses were healed whenever roses appeared ... Mary is known as Our Lady of Guadalupe..
It has been interesting to be immersed in such a Catholic country- more than 90 percent of all people are Catholic..

The view over Hondaribbia and neighboring  Irun..

Trish and Ian, Grace and Rufus, (Hungarian Vizslas) amazing dogs..

The block of apartments or Casas that Trish and Ian live in- every day is washing day!

The "brothers"doing their morning chores...

Trees are always trimmed or shaped..

Shopping for supper- fresh asparagus, beans, broccoli, ..

Buying fresh salmon fir supper tonight..

The balconies are fascinating.  

Many flags around- this is the Basque flag... basques are NOT Spanish!

Yesterday we drive to France 30 minutes away... St Jean d'Luz.. So different from Spain even though a few minutes apart.. Much more sophisticated, shops more modern and interesting..

How's this shop?

And this sweet shop?

Fabulous plastic coated fabrics...

More later...

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