Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Day 21 10 June from Leon to Villar de Mazarife

Leaving Leon this morning- very sad to leave our luxury Parador! But as you can see, our rucksacks fit onto our carriers and we are off around 9.30- later than peregrinos who get going around 7 latest 8 a.m...

We ride through the city and happy to see our yellow arrows and beautiful brass shells to guide us.  Although we take the wrong way at the outskirts ..

But there's our signage again!

Going out of Leon we come upon these ..

Stopping for a picnic.. Around 11.30. Great to be in the Countyside again away from the hustle and bustle... 

Beautiful trees and water Fuente ...

The road is quite gravelly at first .. But I am happy to be back on the road .. And Betty my bike is a babe!

Rob is enjoying the riding too.. We're cycling it seems in th middle of nowhere.  The vegetation has changed, more scrub like, dryer...the wheat we pass is nowhere near as lush as previously 

Snow lined mountains in the distance ...

And the usual Camino shell and stones- in the middle of nowhere.  It's a privilege to be back on the way.. And I am very grateful ...

A peregrino waving to her husbqnd who is walking slower than her- 

Her husband arrives and we discuss which way to go as the signs are a little confusing.
You can see the yellow arrows - they say bar!

We take the direction of the bar and Archie is happy to share a beer and bocadillo with us..

Siesta time for Archie as we ride the last 4 km to Mazarife...

Leaving ..Rob ahead - notice the Camino sign...

Great yellow dandelion flowers in the fields..

Just before each town there is usually a bench or lovely area to rest...this is coming into Mazarife.

Small village but friendly and I loved this garden.

We try to book into a Pepe's Alberge, but it's full.  Horses also accepted here!

We meet a peregrino amigo whom we met a week or so ago- his blisters!

But he tells us to have cider at Pepes place ... So we do.  The cider is kept cool in Pepes well.

And then traditionally it's poured overhead to aerate it. I tried but spilt a lot!

We walk to the church where there is a pilgrim statue of St James..

Storks nesting on top of the church spire.. 

Mazarife is very welcoming to the peregrinos and even the local supermarket is called after the Camino.. I guess many if these towns wouldn't survive if not for the peregrinos..
We buy bread and cheese for lunch tomorrow.

At Alberge San Antonio around 6.30 p.m.- relaxing with other peregrinos in their garden

We end the day with the best peregrino meal to date.. With about 40 others from all over the world.

Cooked by Pepe and family. And now to sleep..

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