Monday, 9 June 2014

Day 20 - 9 June - we buy our bicicletes and explore Leon

Today's highlight for me- the magnificent cathedral,in Leon.  Exquisite stain glass windows, showering mosaics of colour throughout the church.   Gothic arches that reach for heaven.....

Right, we've bought our bicicletes and now become bicigrinos not perigrinos .. Saddles are the right height and carriers for our backpacks... We're off to explore Leon.

Yip, it looks like the carriers will work..

Rob getting into the swing of riding.. It's not how we planned to do the Camino but as I said the Camino walks you..

We pass a park where there is exercise equipment..

How is this old guy working arms and upper body?

I am blown away by the cathedral- it's sheer size is breathtaking..

The stain glass rosary..


Leon is a bustling Inuversity city- lots of young people, I just love that old and young mix wherever you go- a party we passed where there were clearly "oldies" and many youngsters from 5 or 6 as well..

Elegant buildings and lovely wide pedestrian walkways- cars come second in Leon..

On our way "home" to the Parador for dinner!

We change into designer outfits...- the other clean set...

First course for a Rob- mushrooms n asparagus...

For Pam, salad with crisp goats cheese..

The dressing was made at our table..and spooned over my salad...

Hake for me...

And lamb for a Rob..

A view into the internal courtyard from the balcony we walk along near our room ...

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