Sunday, 29 June 2014

Day 40 Finisterre, the end of the earth.. And the Camino... 0 km left..

Finisterre, the last Shell Post.. O km left.... The ritual is to find your own shell on the beach and as the sun sets, to wash away the old self, welcoming in the new self... Whatever way one does this journey it's  a life changing experience...

O km it says on the post...

We drive with Aldo and Sophia, Mexican couple, to the lighthouse at Finisterre where there is the traditional burning place for clothes...
I look at the ashes, someone has even burnt their boots, their rucksack and their glasses...!

Bronze boot on the rock next to the crucifix commemorating the pilgrims journey!

Lunch with Aldo and Sophia, glorious day here...Aldo sporting his new t- shirt..

The bay at Finisterre..

We go for a walk along the beach and it's siesta time for the fish, I promise... And also the seagulls... It's catchy, because Rob has also got into the habit!

A delicious sea food meal together..

And around 10 the sun sets, the sea is a silver lake..

Rob in his cycling wind jacket (he's impressed that it reflects so well at night...and the end of another lovely day...

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