Friday, 20 June 2014

Day 31 20 June from Triacastella to Samos monastery ..

We have an easy ride to Samos, where we will see the largest Benedictine monastery in the Western World..  also promises Gregorian chanting at Vespers..
We book into Hostal Victoria, kind of One star hotel.. Looks great from the outside , ..  But ..
We park our bikes in their garage...

The Hostal... 

The Hostal through the window bar of the monastery..

Monastery Samos.. The shells on the bridge a reminder that the grooves of the scallop shell represent the different routes pilgrims travelled, all traveling to Santiago, the tomb of St James,  The shell was also practical for ancient pilgrims to use to drink out of..  This scallop shell can only be found in this area.  The Way is always marked with this shell, and just about every pilgrim has the shell emblem attached to  rucksack or whatever they are using...

We do a tour of the monastery, in Spanish! Luckily a kind man from Madrid translates a little..
In the tower in the background you can see fire marks... In 1951 the monastery burnt down.  Priests were running a distillery and one of the priests got the formulae wrong, oops.. And there was a Big Bang... It took some years to rebuild  but it's now  completely rebuilt using as much of the old stone as possible..

The river Sarria..

We meet a pilgrim pulling his luggage and walking with his dog...

He bought shoes for his dog.. Poor thing was hot ... And tired...

We take a walk along the river..

Beautiful path..

Lunch at the best bar ever... Check pea, and gamba soup for me, and salad for Rob..

Followed by beef and mushroom dish for Rob..mmmmm

And Almond cake for Rob, called Santiago tart, and lemon soufflé for me..

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