Saturday, 14 June 2014

Day 25 14 June from Acebo to Molineseca about 9 km but we've fallen in love with the village we stay

Last night I meet an 85 year old man and his wife of 79 who are doing the Camino- AMAZING!  So inspiring...they have walked 500 odd km so far...

Walking around Acebo last night, we buy panne for today...

This was the view from the back garden of the Alberge...

I go for a walk and find him....watching me..

This Spanish girl is walking with her dog, and it's got blisters... Soooo cruel...shes got a plaster on her paw

Leaving Acebo, the road out..

We're on the road again, (literally) the path the peregrinos take is too stony... And dangerous.

We're heading for Ponferrada the city in the distance..

Amazing views again ..

And guess who is on the road in front of us..

We pass a pretty village..

Archie pausing with me to enjoy the bridge and tree, think it's a chestnut..

And we get to Molinaseca with another medieval bridge, Puente Romano - yellow arrow and shells showing the peregrinos,they have to cross the bridge..

Picture perfect scene and Rob and I fall in love with this village..

We cross the bridge to this bar- above-  and ask for a room.. We get very lucky... Our room is the corner upstairs room - it's got the door open on the front side and the blind closed on the other..!!

This is the view from our balcony..onto the bridge..

In the afternoon everyone is around the bridge, it's like a communal swimming pool ....check the dog..

We're tempted to swim but it's freezing ...

Cute dog fetches sticks for ages..,

Peregrinos who have swum n on their way again...

Can't remember what it's called when trees entertain- pleeching?

Himself checking messages..

Pilgrims arriving on horses.. 

And the girl and dog arrive..

We meet Colleen and Linda and have a lovely evening together

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