Thursday, 26 June 2014

Day 37 Santiago Compastelo

We have arrived- Santiago cathedral- the magnificence is overwhelming... And we attend a special mass ... And at the end the botafumeira is swung- I find the service very moving...

The botafumeira.. Spectacular and so much more to experience it..incredible organ and music..

This morning the ride was again through Forrest ..

And eucalyptus trees..

16.5 km to go...

A man working on his farm as we ride by..

Rob waiting for me... I dawdle in the Forrests reluctant to leave , knowing we will be hitting the hustle and bustle soon..

Cute cats watching ...

A different water fountain.

Capella church 

With beautiful Madonna inside..

This was in the last tunnel we passed through...

And the poem..

Entering the suburbs of Santiago..

We come into Santiago alongside the main road..

The city..

Some pilgrims we have met along the way...

And others..

Standing in the queue to get our compostellas...

The sky around 10 pm..

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