Thursday, 12 June 2014

Day 23 12 June from Astorga to Rabanal del Camino 21.5 km and 264 km to go...

Packing our bicicletes ...

 It first coffee at the bar 5 minutes away where other peregrinos have the same idea

On the way to El Ganso.. The first little village we ride to..

Archie meets the South Americans.. They approve of him.. And tech us their sing... Buen Camino.. Which we now sing on the way..

Rob gives them each a bracelet and there is much hugging..

This is the road we ride first.. And Rob falls off (again!) a little later..

On the way to Castrillo, an authentic Maragato  Village where rich merchants traded gold and other riches..

Beautiful cobbled streets and houses all stone..

Then we ride on this rod which was tough..

 And we push at times..

Wild lavender lines the road..

And broom ..

We stop here for lunch..

Then the road divides and the bicicletes take the tar rod- very quiet ..

Just outside Rabanal is a knight with his eagle..

And wew get to Rabanal with many other peregrinos..

Really lovely little village..

And find this Alberge run by British fraternity- volunteers who come in to week stints..

Washing first!

The back garden - this was originally the home of th parish priest so has the biggest garden..
40 winks.. In the garden shade..

The entrance..

Th local Tienda - shop- ..
Where we buy more lunch..
And then the Brits serve us Earl Grey tea and cake ..

Then we go to another littl bar to find weefee...

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